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Thread: Sleeping through the night???????

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    Default Sleeping through the night???????

    (My lo is 2 months.) I have always had a sleepy baby. I would wake her to feed during the night the first month. Then, she started waking at 12 am and 3 am to eat, so I felt free to sleep. Now I am back to work during the night from 10-6 and daddy is feeding pumped milk. She has been doing so well, however the last few nights, she hasn't woken up to eat. She goes from 9ish all the way to at least 5. Is this ok, is she too young to go so long without eating? She has added some sessions during the day, so input seems to be the same, hence same output.

    Any advice, or similar stories are appreciated!
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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    I remember the first time my eldest did that and in a panic I woke her up - it took a while for her to sleep that long again, lol.

    I think the things to monitor are wet diapers throughout the day and if your l/o weight gain is good. Kellymom has some info to use as a guide when you're wondering if your babe is getting enough. I guess the only other thing I'd worry about is if she's less active/more listless during the day than she was before. but since you said she picked up an extra feeding or two I'd feel pretty good about that.

    That said, I'd go with your gut instinct - if something seems off, check in with your ped. just to alleviate any concerns.

    Good luck and awesome for you to keep up the bf ater returning to work!
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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    Expect babies sleeping patterns to change!
    whats your schudle like at work, what hours are you gone?
    How much pumped milk is your hubby giving?


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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    Have you noticed if she's nursing more during the day? She might be eating more while you are there to make up for missing feedings at night. My daughter did the opposite- when I went back to work during the day she started waking up to eat all night long. As long as she's having plenty of wet diapers (4-6) she is getting plenty to eat and I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Sounds like you're doing a great job!
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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    Sounds like you are doing a great job! I sounds like baby is just making up for lost time with mom during the day. Since output is good than your baby is getting enough! Kudos to a job well done!

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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    That was my same experienec after going back to work. LO didn't really want the bottle and so he made up for it at night when I was home. Plus, now that your LO is a little older, it's ok to have a long stretch like that, it won't hurt her.
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    Default Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    Both my kids started sleeping through the night early on, too. One at 7 weeks and the other at 9 weeks. The first one was bottle fed, but the second was breastfed and still started sleeping through the night at 9 wks. I think you're doing fine, especially given that she's picked up an extra feeding during the day.. just keep an eye on the weight gain & diaper output.

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