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    Help! My daughter is 7 months old and has just recently begun biting me when breastfeeding. I had this same problem years ago with my son and it forced me to quit breastfeeding when he was 8 months old. I really wanted to nurse this time until at least one, so I don't want to give up. Any thoughts or ideas? She bit me so hard tonight she drew blood!

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    Hi mama...welcome!

    Here is some good info on biting. As well as here.

    Good luck....I know from experience, biting is no fun!
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    with pp. Also, I found that by using a trigger word ("gentle"), and reminding DS to "be gentle" before he latched, I could forestall a lot of biting.
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    The links pp posted are great. We've been having this problem off and on... but it truly seems to correlate with a new tooth. She might nurse a little different when actively teething, and bite, but then it subsides once the tooth breaks through. When the tooth starts getting to be closer in length to the other teeth, she starts leaving indentations when she nurses b/c she's not used to having that extra tooth. Then it starts to wear down a bit and not be as sharp, since she's using it to gnaw on everything else in the house, and it stops hurting. It's a blast, I tell ya.

    My point is, it always seems to get better for us after a week or so. How long has your LO's biting been going on?

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    The links to kellymom are excellent, I read them carefully myself when DS was biting me. Its nasty when they bite, but there are ways to train them not to and once you get through it, you can go on to enjoy nursing once again!

    When DS got his first 2 teeth, he bit me mercilessly for 2 weeks. It was really turning me off breastfeeding, so much that I gave him early solids just so I could avoid feeding him. Anyway, what worked for me was #1 every time he bit me, to end the nursing session. No yelling or screaming, as this can cause a nursing strike, just put the boob away and that was it. #2 I noticed he bit me when he was not that hungry or was distracted. So I fed him in a quiet dark room lying down. And if he wasn't that interested, I would put the boob away. #3 He would often bite me at the end of a session. To avoid this, I paid careful attention and took him off when he was no longer actively drinking! I only had to do this for a few weeks.

    The good news is that the first 2 teeth were the worst. When he got his top 2 teeth in, he bit me a few times, but not like before. Now he has 6 teeth and hasn't bitten me in a long time. Nursing is a pleasure again! And it can be for you too.
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