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Thread: Baby gaining weight too fast?

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    Default Baby gaining weight too fast?

    I am posting on behalf of a friend who is concerned about her SIL's DD. The The baby is 7mo and was exclusively BF until 5 months. At that point the baby was "always hungry" so she was started on solids (fruits and veggies). She still nurses every 3 hours.

    The baby has blossomed to 100th percentile for weight, and her legs are so chubby she is forced to wear size 18 month pants. (I don't know at what percentile she is for height, but I think it is nearer the average.) Mom is a bit chubby herself, but not very large.

    Is it possible that the baby is getting too many calories from the solids, or could something be wrong that she is gaining so much weight so fast? It was suggested (not by her doctor) that she stop the solids, but that doesn't sound right to me. Apparently the pediatrician hasn't suggested anything is amiss, but my friend is questioning whether the child needs to see another doctor for a 2nd opinion. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Baby gaining weight too fast?

    My 9 month old is in 24 month clothing. He often nurses every 2 hours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him. My daughter was a chubby baby too and has slimmed down quite nicely, now she's 7 y/o and quite athletic. Frankly I don't see the problem with the baby being above the 97th percentile. She is getting breastmilk, fruits, and veggies, those are all healthy choices. I have never heard of fruits and veggies making someone fat. Presumably she was high up on the percentiles before she started solids. As long as she is meeting the appropriate developmental milestones and is being fed on-cue, I think the adults in question need to relax.
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    Default Re: Baby gaining weight too fast?

    the only thing I would be concerned about is whether or not the baby is regulating her own food intake. Is the baby feeding herself? Or is she being spoon fed? Breastfed babies are great regulators of their own food. If you are nursing on demand you are giving total control of food intake to the infant. If you allow them to self feed and be in control of their solid food intake, you can be confident that they are eating the right amount. However when you spoon feed a baby there is a risk of over-feeding - and then the baby gets confused as to when he/she is “full”. It is very important if you are spoon feeding to stop at the first sign that baby is finished. (turning head away, closing mouth, seeming board and looking around, etc)

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