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Thread: sore breasts.

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    has anybody got any advise. My LO is three months old and is breast fed.
    Feeding has always been so sore. I have tried different positions for latching on, My nipples are very sore, but not cracked (yet). I don't know if its the latching on technique that I haven't mastered or just her. at present it feels like she is chewing on me when she is feeding. she doesn't have a tongue tie and is putting on weight well, with regular wet nappies and feeding 2-3 hrly.
    I am taking paracetamol 6hrly just to cope with the pain on and off over the last three months and breastfeeding has not been the joy I was led to believe it can be.

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    Have you been to an LC yet? I just posted about some of my problems. This whole breastfeeding thing definitely hasn't been the joyful experience I thought it would be. After going to 5 different LCs, I know that my problems stem from my baby- not from something I'm doing wrong!

    The only thing that has helped me is getting my son cranial sacral therapy and suck training. You might want to look into the CS therapy.


    Good luck!

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    I'm seeing a LC in a weeks times and hope she can shed some light on the problem. I' ve read lots of material on latching on techniques but I don't know what I'm doing wrong as she appears to be latched on ok.

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