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Thread: Bottle feeding pumped milk

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    Default Bottle feeding pumped milk

    I have been pumping and storing my breast milk for appointments and nights out. My daughter is now 4 months old and I am wondering how much she should eat each feeding? I dont want to send the bottle with her to the babysitter adn it turns out there isn't enough or too much.

    And how will i know when to increase the amount?
    My husband and I dont go out with out the baby very often so I can't judge how much to give her or when to increase the amount compared to the last bottle she was given, as its not very often.

    Please help

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    Default Re: Bottle feeding pumped milk

    well I have zero experience with feeding a baby at all but here is an awesome calculator to help!

    Just take the average times she feeds and it will tell you how much for a feeding (low, average, and high range per feeding). Plus, I would try to bring non-frozen milk because whatever extra doesn't go in the bottle can just go back in the fridge and then frozen for later -- that way no waste! If she wants to eat more, you can always just add.

    hope that helps!
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