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Thread: foods eaten while breastfeeding

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    does anyone know how long it takes for what you eat to get into your milk? i am trying to figure out if my baby is gassy from what i am eating.

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    It really depends on the person. But for the most part, because our breastmilk is made from what's in our blood and not in our stomach's, most foods that mom ingests won't affect baby whatsoever. The proteins in dairy products though are large enough to pass through to the breastmilk though so dairy tends to be a culprit if baby is showing signs of sensitivity or allergy.

    How gassy is your baby? How old is your baby?

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    In general, babies can be gassy for lots of reasons. The most common reason being that their digestive system is immature.

    There is no way to really tell *when* components of food from your diet would appear in your milk. There are just way too many variables, including your metabolism, how often you nurse, and even the type of food you eat! A good "guesstimate" would be 4-6 hours.

    This is NOT a LLL resource, but you might find the information helpful:

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