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Thread: Baby refuses bottle

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    Smile Baby refuses bottle

    My baby is 7 months old. I am returning to work in a week. Since she was one month old we tried to get her to take a bottle and she refuses. I've tried every bottle imaginable even sippy cups. I've had my husband and family members try and feed her but no luck. I don't know what to do. She will be with a baby sitter and I know she will be very difficult to deal with if she goes hungry. I am thinking that if I just stopping breast feeding all together it will force her to take a bottle. I am about ready to stop and do not plan on pumping when I go back to work. If I let my milk supply dry up will she take a bottle?? Please help.

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    I hate to sound harsh, but weaning her and then forcing her to take a bottle ain't gonna work. Maybe if she's half starved then she will but at 7 months your going to have a huge battle on your hands that's probably not even worth it.

    Have you tried regular cups? Soft cups? Cups with straws? Sure they might be messy but that's better than nothing. This is something developmental that you cannot force a child into.

    Weaning will probably only make the situation worse, because then she's lost that sense of comfort, that place to go back to. Now she's got even MORE transition to contend with. At 7 month's I'd forget the bottle. Work with your baby sitter to find a good way to feed her that she's comfortable with and this will help make this transition less stressful and easier on everyone.

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    I agree with pp

    I would try spoon, syringe, sippy, straw, etc... and try to accommodate as best as you can. Your lo may even reverse cycle and only nurse at night

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    You said you've tried all bottles, but have you tried Breastflow? It most closely mimics breastfeeding and requires compression.

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    At 7 months, you could try a regular cup. It will be messy at first, but that's OK. DS is 9 months and is quite skilled now at drinking from a cup.

    Feeding her liquids by spoon is another option. DS just loved drinking liquids by spoon at that age.

    One other thing you can try. We got DS a sippy cup with a soft spout. He doesn't drink properly. He bites it, which releases the milk, and he can get alot that way too.
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    Have you tried a free flow sippy cup? The ones with "magic valves" are useless IMO, the baby needs to suck them like a bottle and if they can't figure out bottles they're not gonna get that either! Also not a fan of the cups that force them to bite - DD is teething and I get gummed enough as it is. Yeeowch! That's just a personal opinion though. I know a lot of people love those cups.

    I've had the same problem as you, DD started refusing bottles around 3 months and we tried every bottle under the sun (including Breastflow). What I finally did was start helping her use a free flow sippy like this one:

    Very cheap and simple, only cost £1.79. Not sure where you are, but you'll probably be able to find something like it. No biting or sucking needed, they just sip as the cup is tipped. My DD was only 4 months when we tried it and she drank 5 oz of BM out of it like she was an old pro! She also loves taking drinks out of normal cups. Like pp's said, it will be messy but at least it gets them fed.

    Good luck to you, hope you figure something out.

    Edit: I also meant to say that trying to feed her in a different position than you would for nursing might help. Try sitting her on your lap facing out, etc so she doesn't want to get comfy and nurse. She knows what's under that shirt! Try getting other people to hold her that way too. I got DD to take the sippy the first time when she was sitting in her car seat. No way she would have done it if I was holding her.
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    hi there,
    couple questions for ya.
    when you feed your baby from the bottle are you giving him/her milk that has been stored for some time?

    have you tasted your milk after you have stored it for a little while?

    the reason i ask is this: my baby was taking a bottle well til right about the time i went back to work. he started refusing it...we realized that the stored milk tasted "off"...we finally figured out that the problem was that i am one of the lucky mamas that has extra lipase in my milk..which basicly predigests the milk alot quicker than other folks. it makes the milk taste soapy or bad. if this is the case, the baby might refuse it because it is not mamas milk....

    there are ways to halt this from happening...scalding the milk is the main way...and giving baby fresh pumped milk while you are away....

    i hope this info might help! i know i had a terrible time trying to figure it out...our lil guy is just now starting to trust the bottle again! it was fun let me tell ya!

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    I didn't have this problem, but my aunt told me that she did and she would use the same blanket evertime she nursed the baby. She would then leave the blanket with DH or whoever was with the baby and they would use it when they bottle fed. The idea was that the blanket smelled like mom and made it easier for LO to take bottle. It's worth a try. I'm sure a t-shirt you wore to bed would work just as well.
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