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Thread: question about expressing milk and storage

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    Default question about expressing milk and storage


    How long is it safe to keep breast milk for that has been expressed?

    Also what is the best way to store it? Can you store it?

    Is it best to express fresh milk for every feed?

    Does it go off the same way that dairy milk does?

    Can you re-heat expressed breast milk - is this safe?

    If I needed to go out and let somebody else feed her with expressed milk from the bottle I'm just wondering if / how / what about storage

    I am going to try to introduce my 5 month old to a bottle with my expressed milk

    any help is much appreciated
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    Default Re: question about expressing milk and storage

    I stored my expressed milk in the fridge for days (I have read it can be up to 8 - but I don't think I ever got up to that many days with the constant rotation) I did it right in the bottles she drank it out of - no problem and heated it up in the warmer when we took it out...

    when I would freeze- I would use medela storage bags and freeze in 4-5 oz increments (one full feeding-no more no less) and thawed it out over night for the next day when needed - I usually saved this for when my my supply was low!

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    Default Re: question about expressing milk and storage

    I started storing milk in the medela storage bags, storing between 4-5oz per bag as that was the amount lo was having but then he refused the bottle from 9wks so any time I have expressed I now freeze in ice cube trays and then transfer into a big ziplock freezer bag with the month on it. I figure once lo is on solids I will then be able to use it to mix up with his farex/baby rice and as its in small cubes its easy to thaw. I did read that you can store in fridge for upto 8days, freezer compartment for 3mths or deep freeze (chest freezer) for upto 6mths

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    Default Re: question about expressing milk and storage

    Here's a great resource for handling breastmilk:

    Storage and Handling of Breastmilk

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    Default Re: question about expressing milk and storage

    Storing expressed breastmilk can seem complicated. Here's the latest guidelines (November 2008) from La Leche League on the best way to store expressed breastmilk.... These are a little bit different from other recommendations out there.

    take care,
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