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Thread: My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?

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    Default My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?


    Sometimes my son of 2 months 3 weeks is very fuzzy during feedings. He would suck for 2-5 minutes and suddenly would start crying or pushing me away. I try other boob -- he would suck again strongly for 5 minutes or so and then do the same protest. I try to feed him at least 15 minutes total, so it worries me a lot that he behaves like that. He usually has 6-7 feedings per day -- do you think it is normal if he feeds for 10 minutes during 2 of them? Usually he sucks for 20-30 minutes, and it makes me happy.

    Lately, my Mom who is staying with us and apparently tries to help us (and she does indeed) is keeping saying (when the baby behaves like this) -- that baby-boys can just stop accept the breast all of a sudden, and her words make me very sad and I worry -- what if he stops taking my breast if he behaves like this? I try to pump the milk after such feedings and bottle-feed him with this milk, but most of the times he does not want it. But tonight (the first time) he suckled out of the bottle more then I was able to pump after he ate in such a manner (I had to add from the supply in refrigerator) -- I added 1.5 oz to 1 oz that I pumped out when he rejected the boob completely after 12 minutes of feeding..

    My period started yesterday -- and I worry if this might have additionally affected my milk supply. Do you think it could?

    Do you think I should force my son to eat when he pushes my breast away and protests? Should I switch to bottle? I like breastfeeding him so much, but I do not know what is better for him..

    Please let me know what you think, sorry I have so many questions..
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?

    I have been having the same problem with my DS but it was due to the fact that I have to supplement him because he wasn't gaining weight so he was getting a bottle after every feeding. He eventually didn't want to nurse at all. I would keep offering him the breast and he kept rejecting it which made me frustrated and I would keep trying to get him on even when we were both frustrated. I took a couple of days off of that and just pumped and gave him a bottle. when I started to nurse him again I made sure I was really relaxed and that I didn't push him too much. I also have had to use the SNS to get him nursing again, but the important thing is to not get frustrated with him, he might start associating frustration with nursing. As for your period making him fussy I'm not sure, with my last DS he would always get a little fussy during my period but nothing too bad. Good luck I know it's frustrating at times but just do your best and relax!

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    Default Re: My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?

    hun I feel for you my little girl was just the same so fussy during all feeds finally after alot of great advise she had reflux, she would eats for a few minutes here and there and it got worse when she was about 2 months old my milk supply went nuts shed feed every couple of hrs sometimes a good feed other times as I say just a few minutes here and there, firstly well done for sticking with it, Im not to sure about periods affecting milk supply ask one of the breast feeding consellers on here there great, when pumping you dont get the amount of milk out that baby would be taking in if he was on the breast, the babies get much more from sucking then we do if we are pumping ( if that makes any sense) basiclally babies are much better at getting the milk then we are, maybe he's going through a grow spurt my daughter was so fussy at about 9 weeks because of this.
    take care and I hope all settles done soon for you

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