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Thread: Vitamins and breastfeeding at 2 months 3 weeks

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    Our pediatrician ordered 2 blood tests (from the heel and now from the vein) to determine if our baby has jaundice from breastmilk or not, jaundice level is really non-existent currently (the baby looks big time white with pink chicks) and we even do not know why we did the last test.... It was a LOT of blood from vein -- when I saw how much they took I started crying badly. So, now I am concerned that the baby (2 months and 3 weeks) does not have enough blood in him.. He seems to be doing alright, but I'm thinking -- maybe he needs iron now?

    We did not want to give him any vitamins -- even though our pediatrician says we should give him some tri-vi-sol with iron -- is it normal to give it? I initially thought that breastmilk supplies all that he needs until at least 4months of age.

    Do you give vitamins? The thing is that they are not derived from natural sources (or maybe you know a safe one that is derived?) -- thus they are kind of chemicals..

    I'd appreciate your help greatly, I worry so so much about it..

    Thank you.

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    I wouldn't worry that they took to much blood. It sure looks like a bunch, but it's not compared to what their total blood volume in their body is.

    As far as giving your baby a vitamin, my understanding is as long as the baby is exclusively breastfeed and mom is taking a prenatal or other vitamin, then the baby doesn't need any other supplements. Momma's milk is perfect and that is all that is needed. Of course there are always exclusions to that, depending on baby's health and advice of the baby's physician.
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    this info might help you desided what to do

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    Breastmilk is a complete food, but some believe human immigration sometimes throws a wrench in the works. If you are darker-skinned living in a colder/Northern climate (therefore little sunlight at this time of year) and your l/o does not go outside, then vitamin D supplements are often suggested. Kellymom and Dr. Newman support some of this, there's an interesting article here , Dr. Sears says it's not needed.

    As I meet some of the criteria, I've opted to use Vitamin D drops. I use D Vi Sol, which may or may not be available in the US, but here's the company page listing ingredients.

    But really, the choice is yours to make...good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your answers and especially for the links.

    I think we will try not to supplement. We are light skinned, living in Florida -- and we decided to take our son to the beach once-twice a week in his diaper for 10-15 minutes, early mornings and evenings (before 10am and after 4pm) -- I hope it will be enough.

    Additional thank you for the vitamin's (tri-vi-sol and the rest) ingredients' list -- indeed it looks a bit scary, artificial flavor and color and polysorbate 80 look sad to me.. Why on earth they need to add artificial color to anything? It is insane.

    Thank you so very much, very helpful!!

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