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Thread: New book -- Making More Milk

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    Default New book -- Making More Milk

    I don't know if everyone has seen this yet... There's a new book out by Diana West and Lisa Marasco called The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk. It's recommended by LLLI and covers topics like:

    * Determining if baby is really getting enough milk.
    * Supplementing without decreasing your supply.
    * Maximizing the amount of milk you can make.
    * Identifying the causes of your low supply.
    * Increasing your supply with the most effective methods, including pumping, herbs, medications, foods, and alternative therapies.
    * Making more milk when you return to work, exclusively pump, have a premie or multiples, relactate, or induce lactation.

    I haven't read it yet, but have heard good things about it. If anybody's read it and has any comments, feel free to let us know what you thought! It'd be good to know if you find it a useful resource.

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    Default Re: New book -- Making More Milk

    it sounds like a great book....
    Did lisa speek at the confrence in chichgo?

    I think I heard her name before?

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    Default Re: New book -- Making More Milk

    thats cause she on the podcasts....
    You can listen with media player here
    july 2005


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    This book is awesome! I read it in a day and a half while nursing and pumping. It is written for moms so is not over technical, but very helpful. It lays out the equation of how milk is made and discusses factors that could affect production as well as possible solutions and steps to take to improve things. It discusses issues on both mom and baby's end of things. I highly recommend it!
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    Default Re: New book -- Making More Milk

    I really liked it too. From my research I knew most of what was in the book already and being on the MOBI group etc, but the herb list is priceless! I look at it often as I'm already taking herbs (still have at least another month before baby comes) to try and help supply etc and I need dosages etc. I'm really hoping between this book and some other help I've gotten and being proactive from the beginning, I get a full supply for once!
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