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Thread: Breastmilk in bottle issue

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    I am a new mom to a 9 week old baby. I have been breastfeeding her. I have introduced her to bottles at 2 weeks as she did not have any latching issues. Now, I am about to go back to work in a week, my baby began to have issues with bottles. My pediatrician recommended to bottle feed the baby during the working hours. I have soaked the bottle nipple in my breast milk and wrapped her in my clothes. It doesn't matter who gives her the bottles, my baby screams and refuses to take bottles. I make sure the bottles are warm up good. We tried to use 5 different bottles (VentAire, Playtex drop in system, Medela, Breastflow, and Dr. Brown). My baby gags and screams, so I changed the feeding nipple to preemie flow. I made sure that the baby was hungry enough, but not too hungry that she'd get upset to take the bottle. It has been struggle for a few weeks now. She may take 1 oz to 2 oz in 30 minutes. We were so focused on her colic issue, now she is about to be over with the colic, we weren't anticipating more feedig challenges... My in-laws are going to watch the baby while I go back to work full-time. I really hate the thought of my baby refusing to eat while I am at work. I hate to think that "she'll eat when she gets hungry enough". Do you have any suggestions? Some people suggested to use Adiri Natural Nurser. I haven't tried it. Please help us. I have consulted with a lactation consultant at a local hospital. We tried everything that we can think of.... we are so lost.

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    I feel your pain. I've not had this problem with my children, but my nephew only loves his mommy's nipple. He also loves his paci very much. He would not take a bottle for anyone. So when day when I watched him I tried a Playtex latex ortho nipple, thinking the shape resembled his paci. That nipple worked. He now takes a bottle with no problems with those nipples.

    I'm not sure if your baby uses a paci, if so I'd try those nipples. But I think your best best it using the slowest flow possible.

    It's is frustrating, I understand. I hope you find something that your little one likes.
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    Awww, my heart goes out to you - it's so sad going back to work and leaving your l/o as it is without any extra issues

    Are you the one giving the bottle? When my girls started their bottles, I couldn't give it to them, they refused. In fact with my 2nd, I could not even be in eyesight. Also, we had the best luck with the Playtex nurser nipples...

    Also, are you restricted to the bottle? Have you tried a cup? Maybe your l/o 'refuses to accept substitutes'?

    Sorry I was of so little help...
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    Thank you so much for your suggestions! We'll try anything at this point to get the bottle feeding going. I will also try to call our local LLL leader tomorrow.

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    Just by any chance have you tasted your milk?

    You've got some great suggestions!! Good luck!

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    Maybe make sure the milk isn't TOO wamr either, as well as too cool, ya know? I've noticed after pumping that my milk isn't terribly warm, just slightly.. Also when I've read of introducing a bottle, they say to make it a COMPLETELY different expierence than the one when you are BF.. so using your clothes to wrap her in maybe not a good idea-and practice with somebody else doing it may be best like I think you said you are doing! I don't know if it will matter.. I haven't had to use a bottle yet, though I am dreding we may have the same issues...we shall see! GOODLUCK mama!

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    It certainly is difficult for a mom to return to work, both emotionally and physically. Most moms, once they overcome the initial challenges everything comes together a bit easier as the days go by. I'm sure us moms can give you some ideas to help the transition back to work run a little smoother for you. Most moms usually 'learn as they go' & things work out just fine. Hang in there and feel free to continue asking questions.

    Just in case she's reluctant taking a bottle, another alternative is a spoon or cup... A little messy, but doable, as already mentioned by another mom.

    Sometimes, when baby is reluctant to take a bottle, this little trick might work... Placed baby in the side-lying position under a pillow and position baby's bottle under mom's arm with the nipple pointing towards her, sort of like trying to imitate the position of mom's breast/nipple. This works with many in similar situatins.

    Nursing on-demand as much as possible when you're not working will probably be the best & easiest way to keep up your supply.

    A great resource is the book "Nursing Mother, Working Mother". And, of course, attending LLL meetings and/or speaking with an LLL Leader can be helpful.

    take care,

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