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Thread: still so sleepy at 5 wks?

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    Default still so sleepy at 5 wks?

    Hi, this is my 3rd child, but I've never had such a sleepy one before. My DD is now 5 wks old, but she's still sooo very sleepy that I have to wake her up for practically every feeding about every 3 hrs... She's starting to take only one breast per feeding for about 10 minutes, so I'm nervous that she's so sleepy because she's not getting enough "energy" from her feedings to stay awake after a feeding. Is this normal at this age to still be so sleepy that they don't wake up on their own for feedings?

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    what are her wet diapars like?
    Weight gain?
    Thats the way to know if they are getting the milk they need.


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    It's perfectly normal at this age my i had to wake my son up for feeding until he was 3 months. how many wet and poopy dipers are you getting?
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