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Thread: Help getting my 6 m/o to latch

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    Default Help getting my 6 m/o to latch

    I really need help! I have been trying to relactate after having not breastfed since he was about 2 weeks. I decided to try and relactate because by six months he has been on antibiotics twice. I bf my daughter she was hardly ever sick. I have been taking dom for 4 weeks and now get about 2 oz in morining and another oz over the day. All of which I am thrilled to get any! My question is I feel like I could probably exclusively breastfeed b/c I never feel like the pump empties my breasts but cant' get my son to latch on. I have tried the sns and have nipple shields. Sometimes if I hold him right at my breast and give him his bottle he'll latch on when he is finished but as soon as he realizes the milk isn't flowing as fast he gets off and cries. Also he has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom and he is a comfort chewer. Never really been a comfort sucker. Any advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help getting my 6 m/o to latch

    I think when you've got a full supply, he'll be more willing to latch. A nipple shield is a good idea since he's used to the bottle and because of the teeth. One trick is to give the SNS a squeeze as soon as he latches so he is instantly rewarded. You might need some extra hands if your juggling both the nipple shield and SNS. I've answered your other post. We will get you there!
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