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Thread: OALD and pumping...should I stop?

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    Default OALD and pumping...should I stop?

    I think i have OALD and my DS has stopped wanting to nurse. I've been pumping and feeding him the EBM through a bottle which he'll take but as soon as I try and latch him on he fusses. At every single nighttime feed I try and latch him on because he ususally latches better when he's sleepy. At all the feeds he'll latch on because he's hungry and then he'll nurse for a bit, get sleepy and not filled up, and want off the breast. I'll usually change his diaper to wake him up and when I try and put him back on, he fusses and claws at my nipple and arches his back and screams his little head off. Its so FRUSTRATING. So at that point he won't have anything to do with nursing so I have to pump and just feed him the bottle instead. Its SO time consuming and I don't know what to do. I feel like i'm gonna be permanently attached to my pump for the rest of the time that he's nursing. And for some reason, when he does latch on and feed, he doesn't drain much out of my breast and I'm still able to get a couple ounces out of it when I pump. Does this sound like OALD? Would you guys recommend just pumping his feeds so that at least he's getting the BM? Or is there something else I can try so that he feeds better and for long enough to get full. He's also extremely fussy at night because he's trying to poop and having a hard time. I'm so confused and sometimes feel like quitting this whole thing because i'm insane half the time because of it. Please help!

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    Default Re: OALD and pumping...should I stop?

    Sorry you're having such trouble. I know pumping is alot of work, but its far better than formula for your LO. However I hope some of the other ladies can advise you how to get your baby nursing again. How old is your baby?
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    Default Re: OALD and pumping...should I stop?

    You might also be dealing with nipple confusion. I haven't dealt with that myself, hopefully someone else will chime in with how to handle that. In the meantime, here is a link about overactive let down: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html
    Does any of that sound like what you are going thru? I dealt with this and its so hard and frustrating but it will get better! For right now try different positions and you also may want to compress your areola by making a V with the index and middle finger of the opposite hand on the breast you are feeding off of. Compress the breast and squeeze in, this slows the flow of milk. I would do this when I first latched my LO on and keep it until after my first let down. For a time this was the only thing that worked and then I was able to use different positions to control the flow of milk. Here is this method in more detail from LLL: "Some mothers find that a "scissors" hold on the areola, with the nipple between the forefinger and middle finger, helps restrict the flow of milk. Another option is to apply pressure on the side of your breast with the heel of your hand. (Try to vary the position of your hand to avoid constricting the ducts and inadvertently causing a plug.) You may also find it helpful to breastfeed just as your baby is waking from naps. He will suck more gently when he is still sleepy." You can find more info about oversupply in this document: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/oversupply.html
    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: OALD and pumping...should I stop?

    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! In your shoes, I would see a lactation consultant, preferably one with the IBCLC credential, as soon as possible because nothing beats hands-on help. Internet advice is great, but there may be some things going on that require professional help.

    If you don't have a LC or IBCLC available, at least get in touch with your local leader, and ask her if she will come out and observe a feed.

    It definitely sounds like your baby has developed some nipple confusion- he's refusing the breast because the bottle is so much easier for him. I think the best thing you can do for the future of your nursing relationship is to get your child off the bottles. You might want to take a nursing vacation- just get in bed with your baby and do nothing but nurse, nurse, nurse, for as long and as often as he will take the breast. Feeding in the side-lying position may be very helpful, if you do in fact have OALD, as sometimes the milk comes out slower in that position, which could partly explain why your baby is more willing to feed at night.

    And for some reason, when he does latch on and feed, he doesn't drain much out of my breast and I'm still able to get a couple ounces out of it when I pump. Does this sound like OALD?
    This doesn't really sound like OALD to me. If you had said "My baby is extremely fussy at the breast, arches his back, clamps down on the nipple, and often makes a clicking sound while nursing," I would have said yes. A baby who isn't draining the breast sounds more like a possible latch problem- but again, only someone who sees what's going on in person can really tell you.

    Hang in there, and try to latch your baby on as often as possible!

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