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Thread: Need Help badly.. with breastfeeding newborn

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    am so indebted to my L.C. because I would have given up nursing a long time ago if it hadn't been for her.
    I feel the same way about my L.C. She literally saved us when we were having troubles with breastfeeding. She only visited me few times, but she called me everyday to ask how things were going. I was so upset when she gave me her bill, it was far far too little. Even now, I have no idea how I could repay her for the profound way in which she affected our lives.
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    I hope things are going better. You got a lot of really great advice. I just wanted to let you know I had the exact thing you are describing except my lo was not pooping and not getting enough milk. I had a ton of milk though. I finally realized why so many mothers give up but I was 100% NOT giving up. It was terrible and I remember all those times crying and dreading feeding. It was the only time she cried and mommy cried too. I was very very fortunate in having wonderful LC at the hospital. I want every day for the first week and a half. I had to supplement a little and we used a syringe with a little formula and used our finger to let her get some. Sometimes that would help hold her down a little while we tried to get latched. I mainly used the cross cradle hold so that I could control her head best. I also tried the football hold but not sure she liked it as much although it was a good way to get head control. Couldn't lie down until she was about 3 months. I would say it took a good two weeks to get the latch ok but then another month to get breastfeeding down. She would still cry on occasion. I also used the breast shield a couple of times and would try to alternate using it and not using it. It DOES get better. Just take others advice and see a LC and you will be doing fine in no time.
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