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Thread: pls help me with a possible nursing strike

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    Default pls help me with a possible nursing strike

    my baby girl is 4 months old now and she started to reject the breast for more than a month now. She would start to cry and arch her back as soon as i put her in the nursing position and will stop crying but start whining when i hold her up because she is hungry. then i would try to put her in nursing position again and the same scenario again until she gets tired and finally lets me put her in nursing position and she would finally latch on and drink until she gets full and falls asleep. So it's not really a strike i guess because she is still drinking milk and gaining weight but she just has a very hard time letting me put her in nursing position. She doesn't rub her ears and there's no drainage so i don't think she has an ear infection (will try to see the doctor tomorrow about that) and i don't have a forceful let-down or a slow let-down, because once she is latched on, she will stay on until let down and until she is full and falls asleep.

    i'm not wearing any perfums or creams. the only things i can think of is a different taste to my milk but i have tasted it myself and it tastes just fine. or maybe she is having physical pain maybe in the neck area? i can't see any bruises or anything noticable.

    she is a happy and active girl that likes to laugh a lot other than the nursing problems she is healthy.

    oh, and i should mention that she used to do that only when i put her on my right breast but lately has started to refuse my left breast as well even though she is more likely to accept my left over my right.

    can anybody help me? has anybody been through something like that?
    i just want to know how i can help her out of that misery before every nursing session and i thought she will grow out of it but it has been going on for such a long time now, it's been almost 6 weeks and i'm getting exhausted even though i still find consolation that she is gaining weight.

    pls help me somebody?

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    my son did this at a similar age! it went on for about a month and to this day I have no idea why! I found it easier to get him to latch if I was moving (not that easy but worth it in the end! I would walk him round with my boob out ), or in the shower or bath, and when he was sleepy. He fed fine in the night, but not the day. I was beside myself after a while, and called my LLL leader, who came around and played with Van, and told me that he was happy and appeared healthy and to stop worrying. Shortly after that it was all over, I really hope that your wee girl snaps out of this phase soon for you! you are doing a great job, keep it up!

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    Default Re: pls help me with a possible nursing strike

    DS started to back-arch and be difficult in the usual cradle hold, can't remember exactly when it started, but probably around 3/4 months. So I started nursing him lying down and that worked great. Even now, he'll only nurse in the lying down position, unless he's really hungry. Go figure.
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