I have a 7month old and breastfeeding, so a pregnancy was unexpected but my DH and I were excited! I had virtually no symptoms except fatigue and frequent urination. I also had a decrease in milk supply and had begun weaning to formula in the evening hours because I wasn't getting enough milk in the evening.

I got up Monday morning to get ready to do last minute Christmas shopping, used the bathroom and a small clot fell into the toilet! I was shocked!! Sure enough, I continued bleeding throughout the morning, with mild cramping and continuing to pass clots.

I was approx. 7 weeks preg and had a 1st prenatal visit on Jan 7th, so no confirmed heartbeat or anything - just a positive HPT.

I had another miscarriage in March 2007, but went on to conceive my DS (who's now 7 months). I figured my risk of miscarriage was slim to none. This has me really scared now. So I've had a healthy pregnancy, then a m/c, then a healthy pregnancy, then a m/c. I hope this trend doesn't continue. I wish someone could tell me what was causing the m/c.

Thanks for listening...guess I'm just venting.

I do have a question, though! I am interested in continuing to nurse my son but my milk supply has gotten so low (I tried pumping tonight from both breasts and got like .25 ounce). BTW, I teach elementary school, so I'm off for the next week, but will be returning to work Jan 5th. I was nursing him at the school once a day and pumping the other time. Was nursing twice in the AM before school and twice in the PM after school.

What advice can you offer for building up supply? My doctor suggested Fenugreek and said they could prescribe something if I wanted.