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Thread: Menstural cycle while nursing?

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    Default Re: Menstural cycle while nursing?

    Thank you for all the input!!!
    for over a year now!!!

    Xavier 11/5/08

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    I guess I was one of the lucky ones! I never got my period back between my kids- so I haven't had it since I got pregnant with Mohamed in August of 2005!
    I was nursing him and never got it back and then (surprise!) I got pregnant when he was 20 months old.
    And I went back to work when he was 5 months old and he had bottles then. But he was a very aggressive nighttime nurser, he would literally eat all night long- one side for an hour or so, then we'd switch, he was attached all night. So that could be why.
    I'm looking forward to delaying it as much as possible this time too. If I go 20 months nursing Jad without my period, it will be over 5 years that I didn't have to deal with AF. Beautiful... Then we can start the whole thing over again!
    Mohamed 6-9-06
    Jad 11-27-08

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    Default Re: Menstural cycle while nursing?

    Mine came back at 1 year, almost to the day.

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    dd is 7 weeks now, and i got my period back at 6 weeks pp (ebf, also).. it was very light compared to my pre-preg periods..but i was hoping i wouldn't have one as long as i am ebf..

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    Count me one of the 'unlucky' ones

    After my first, my mc started weeks pp (but it coincided with my return to soccer so maybe that was it...). After my second, it took about 8 weeks (but I was in the hospital with her for six weeks after she was born, and she was being intermittently bottle-fed so maybe that was it ). My third turned 3 months Christmas Day and Mother Nature gave me my belated 'gift' this morning . He's been exclusively breast-fed. My ob-gyn suggested the pill at my 6 week visit but I admit I've been awful with it and perhaps that's what's brought it on but then since my libido went out the window months ago there's no fear of pregnancy here (sorry if that's TMI). I have no idea what's 'normal s but boy do I envy those who got a nice long break from their period.
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