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Thread: Have you done daycare at home?

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    Default Have you done daycare at home?

    I'd like to do this. Thinking I need to work very soon.

    -What are your experiences?
    -Do I need to get certified by the health department?
    -Where do I advertise?
    -What should the rates be?
    -What items would you recommend to have in my home when parents come over to see if they want to send their kid here?
    -Other thoughts?

    Right now my house isn't toddler-proofed or anything as my LO is only 10 weeks. ANY feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Have you done daycare at home?

    I did for years.
    Best to follow the rules in your state.
    Ohio you can run home day care with out a licence.
    I took the classes at our local vocational school and could have been licenced but didn't follow threw on that
    They had classes that taught the business end of it, that was realy helpful.
    And how to draw up contracts.

    I ended up watching a neice and a nephew each from diffent sides of the family and 3 kids from down the street. So I realy didn't need a licence.

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    Default Re: Have you done daycare at home?

    follow the rules in your area.

    and check into the prices in your area. They vary from area to area and you want to be comparable.

    also, I would take a first aid and cpr course. That gives the parents peace of mind.

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    Default Re: Have you done daycare at home?

    I had one child a few months back and it didn't go very well. The Child was fine..the parents were another story.
    Get everything in writting. Ask for a week pay up front if you have to.
    Ask where the child was before and call and ask that provider if they had any problems with the child/parents.

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    Default Re: Have you done daycare at home?

    I currently do it with just one other child and I'll take on her newly adopted cousin in a couple of months. I didn't advertise, but DH was hearing people from work talk about child care in this area. The daycares are less than par in most opinions and home child care is highly sought after. You might just let a few friends know your intentions and you might find some really grateful parents looking for good homecare for their LO's. Thankfully, I have it pretty easy with my kid and her parents. Her dad used to work with my DH. Since I've taken her on, I've been asked by others to keep their kids, but I just want one other right now. I like my close time with my two and one other isn't too much more to handle at the moment.

    I'd also call your local daycares and ask their payment rates and what happens if the parent decides to keep their kid home for illness, etc. I get paid a little more than the local day school and I do provide lunch and two snacks. All else the mom brings over. If I decide to take the day off, I don't get paid. If she decides to give me the day off, even if her LO is sick, I still get paid.

    Make sure you really think about the hours and days you want to work. I am so glad I only do it three days a week. I really need, and my DD and DS need their one on one time with me. I also get to do errands and etc. on the days she isn't here and they aren't all waiting for me to do on weekends or evenings.

    As far as things the parents may look for when checking out your home, they'll understand that you won't have things set up for a 2 year old since you have such a young LO. Ask if there is anything they see a need for that is reasonable for you to do. I showed the nursery and the entire home, including the pantry, fridge and the kids snack cabinet. I mainly did it as I was talking because I know those are things I'd want to see. It not only shows that you are prepared for meals and snacks and etc., but you can really tell how clean a home is when you see these areas. When you see a dirty fridge, you know there is a problem.

    I don't know how you want to handle nap arrangements, etc. I asked for them to provide a pack and play for nap times and it stays in the guest room. Any special things I need, like a booster seat, etc., they provide to me. I can't afford to have a lot of that extra stuff around on my own penny.
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