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Thread: Green poop & increase of bowel movements-due to teething?

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    Question Green poop & increase of bowel movements-due to teething?


    My LO is 4 months old and is EBF. Could teething cause an increase in the frequency of bowel movements? For the past 4 days, my DS went from 1-4 bowel movements a day to at least 6-8 a day. Wets are still normal (6-8/day). Also, sometimes his poop is green (not frothy or mucousy) and sometimes, it's mustard yellow. Could this be due to teething? Nothing's changed in my diet as far as I know. My DS doesn't seem bothered or in pain by the bowel movements. I asked my Dr, but she didn't seem concerned by it. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else's LO.

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    Default Re: Green poop & increase of bowel movements-due to teething?

    I think green poop and increased volume/ loose stools can be a sign of a viral infection. Something that will just run it's course and doesnt require treatment so long as the baby is well otherwise. It could be that?

    Many sources say that diarrhoea isn't a symptom of teething but my son had runny poop, generally green, sometime yellow, every time he was cutting teeth. His first tooth broke the gum at 5 months and just over a week of age.

    Cutting his canines and molars was a constant process. I don't think he got a break from teething till he was around 14 months and yes, he had constant loose green stools for 6 months plus a wet chin and chest from drooling.

    Part of me had started to doubt the consistency of his bowels weren't to do with something else. By the later ages, it was 1 or 2 poops a day. Not diarrhoea, to be diarrhoea it has to be numerous loose stools compared to normal, not just runny but he never had a remotely formed stool. It makes you doubt what's going on.

    Your son seems or have doubled his output too but not to the point of diarrhoea.

    If your Doc isn't worried and he's happy otherwise, gaining weight, reaching milestones then purely from my experience, think ahead and buy stock in Pampers or if you cloth diaper...your brand laundry detergent and the local water supplier

    My son is 19 months old now and his poop is formed (well I imagine it is before he squishes it into his butt by sitting down) and nothing has changed in mine of his diet. I fully expect to see more runny bum when his last molars start cutting.
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