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Thread: Late Starter and Iron Supplements

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    My 13 month old almost exclusively breastfeeds. She loves yogurt though, and will eat fortified baby cereal if I mix it in. At a La Leche League meeting though, I was told that the fortified baby cereal will actually impede her absorption of iron and I should drop it because she would get everything she needs from the breastmilk. Then I was also told that LLL recommends beginning with meat because it is so high in iron. I feel like these are so many mixed messages! If breastmilk is the perfect food, why is it important to start with meat? (We are also vegetarians, and my baby doesn't like tofu or beans or greens yet.) Why does every doctor and every book, such as Super Baby Food, make such a big deal about the fortified baby cereal and/or iron supplements? No matter what I do I feel like it may be wrong, and it's making me anxious. It's bad enough having a 13 month old who won't eat! (Oh, she won't eat any homemade cereals such as oatmeal either.) Thanks for your help.

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    We've decided against cereal. Because it's very processed and doesn't have a lotof nutritonal value. Have you had her iron levels checked? Doing this could take your worries away. In the interm watermelon is a very good source of iron! My son is EBF but he loves watermelon and I give it to him a couple times a week. I was very frim w/ my doctor about NO CEREAL. She wasn't to worried about it when I told her he was eating watermelon. She said we would check his iron levels in Nov....

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    Will she eat squash? Squash also has iron. You can also try adding Black Strap Molasses to her foods if she'll tollerate the taste; it is very high in iron. What about eggs? Are eggs allowed in your vegetarian diet? Also be sure she's getting enough vitamin C to help aid in iron absorption. Does she like pears, bananas, even citrus fruits?

    ITA you should get her iron levels checked. Breastmilk does have iron and a very absorbable form of iron. So long as you're not planning on weaning her any time soon, she should be fine.

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    if your looking for an iron supplement there is something called floradix.
    its all from plants..
    I got it from the health food store.

    I gave it to my dd when her iron was low.

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