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Thread: increasing milk and uneven supply

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    Default increasing milk and uneven supply

    Hello. I am nursing my 2 month old daughter and started pumping to prepare to return to work. I noticed that my right breast produces two times as much milk as the left. How can I make my breasts more even (increase the production in my left breast)?

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    It is actually very common to have uneven supply between the breasts. Some moms give up on one side altogether because there can be so little on one side.

    When I pump sometimes I get 2 oz off one side, and maybe 1/2 oz on the other. My left side has always produced less.
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    One way might be to nurse your baby more often on the left side. Have her finish the left side before offering the right (does she seem to prefer the right side?).

    But as the pp said, it's very normal to have one side that produces more than the other, and it's generally not a problem.

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