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Thread: is my milk decreasing?

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    Default is my milk decreasing?

    so my lo is 7months,and i had a "light on moment" last night....shes eating some solids,rice,and sweet potato,and some squash....but she been sleeping horrible,and waking at least every 2hrs,and sometimes every 1hr...i just wonder if my milk is decreasing? what and how can i tell if it is? pump? just wonderding if thats why shes waking so often,cause shes not getting full from the feedings?

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    Default Re: is my milk decreasing?

    If you're feeding on demand, and you're not pregnant, and not on new hormonal birth control, your milk won't spontaneously dry up. It just doesn't work that way. Sometimes your supply will dip a bit right before your period, but if you feed on demand, it will bounce right back up.

    I would be more inclined to blame the increased night waking on teething, or a new developmental milestone, or a growth spurt, or an ear infection. Or it could be that your baby has just decided that she likes nursing at night- it's so soothing, it's so cuddly, it's a pleasant way for a baby to get back to sleep...

    How can you tell if your milk supply is adequate? Just watch your baby's diapers. If she is making plenty of wets, she's getting enough to eat. At 7 months, poops per day is not a good indication of how much she's getting, because her digestive system is more mature and she's extracting almost all the nutrition from the milk she's taking in, without a lot of waste left over. Some babies can go up to a week between poops, and it's normal.

    Should you pump? Unless you have to do it for work or for a sitter, I wouldn't bother. It's not generally a good indicator of how much milk you're making, particularly if you haven't done it much up until now.

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    Default Re: is my milk decreasing?

    Teething is a likely culprit at 7 months... So are developmental milestones, for that matter! Has she started or is she getting close to crawling or pulling up to standing? All those things can disrupt a baby's sleep, which means that it's really normal for babies to wake at night a lot at this age.

    If breastfeeding has been well established up until now and you haven't drastically cut back on nursing, it's unlikely for you to have supply issues at this point (unless, as pp said, you were pregnant or using a medication that reduces milk supply).

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