Update: My DD is feeling better! The dr said the infection in her ears appears to be healing, so we can only hope it stays that way. She did say that she could develop another infection if she catches a cold in the next couple of weeks, so we are holding our breath that she stays cold-free.

Regarding the awful, disgusting, mean, evil things we call yeast, the GSE worked! At least it seems to have and we hope and hope it stays that way!!! I used 15 drops per ounce. I swabbed DD's mouth before each feeding and my nipples after each feeding. Because I was feeling twinges of pain deep within my breast tissue, I also began taking 5 drops three times a day orally (I did this for a full week). It tasted awful, and I felt bad for swabbing DD's mouth, but surprisingly, she didn't seem to mind (if only it were that easy with solids!). I also used the solution on her bottom since the Nystatin was virtually useless. I should also note that the Nystatin liquid made her projectile vomit, so we were grateful to have the GSE instead. BTW, someone suggested Mylanta, and this was actually very helpful in treating the irritation rash she developed from her diarrhea. She continues to have 5 poopy diapers a day (rather than her usual one per day) despite being off of antibiotics since last Saturday, and so irritation remains an issue, but we can keep it at bay as long as we slather on a good layer of diaper cream. I'm hopeful that her BMs will drop off to normal soon. Anyone know how long this could take?? Oh, one more thing about the GSE, we used it to clean her toys and also began using it in the laundry. It seems to have been effective, so this may be a good all around treatment for yeast when prescriptions fail (or cause negative side effects).

Thanks again to everyone who provided advice and support. I really do appreciate it!