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Thread: I have a biter!!

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    Default I have a biter!!

    Hello - my 8 month old son has just started biting me while feeding... it isn't until the end of the session (i.e., he's full and/or just horsing around) and it is light (but still hurts!)... I told him sternly "no", but he actually smiled up at me!!!!

    I started back to work a few weeks ago which means that he takes a few bottles of my expressed milk during the day... my husband said that he noticed him chewing on one of the bottle nipples. He has his 2 bottom teeth in.

    If I stop the nursing session when he bites, will he eventually get it? Any help is much appreciated...

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    I think the general consensus is to do exactly that. Stop the session when he bites. They do learn quickly - and the biting is a stage that will (hopefully) fade away.

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    Sounds like he is teething. Some moms do find that stopping the session helps. Also, make sure you praise him when he in nursing nicely and whatever you do, don't smile back when he does it! Here are some more ideas. Don't worry, it's a phase & it should pass.

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