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Thread: Breastfeeding problems at 3 months

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    Question Breastfeeding problems at 3 months

    My daughter who is now 3 1/2 months has been refusing to breastfeed now for the past 3 weeks or so. She had been losing weight and crying for 3 days...when she has been such a good baby. I had supplemented with formula and am still trying to get back on track with breastfeeding which hasn't worked. She gets very frustrated and eventually i end up giving her a bottle. I know I have milk but not sure what's going on . We did very well with breastfeeding in the beginning and now we seem to have so many problems I tried the skin to skin, this just made her upset. I did have a period probably about 8 weeks ago..could this be affecting something?? I'm sooooo lost! Please help!

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    What kinds of problems are you having? Is she teething at all? Are you able to see an LC or a local LLL leader?

    One common issue is OALD. Check out the link and see if anything there sounds familiar.

    Teething can make your baby very frustrated with nursing too. If she is teething there are things you can try to alleviate her discomfort and get her back to the breast.

    Good luck mama. You'll get there, and we'll help you!
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    Calling a local leader would be good. Then you can get some one on one help & cover all the possibilities.

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