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Thread: Panic Attack

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    Exclamation Panic Attack

    i'm having a panic attack!! i had them before baby, but have been fine all pregnancy, now my dd is 5 months old and i've been fighting one for the past 8 days. i can feel myself absolutely losing control. i'm super ill & snappy, my heart's racing, i'm blacking out and loosing focus. i used to take zanax when i felt one coming on, but now i don't know what to do.

    right before christmas too, my dh is at his wits end and has lost patience with me. i just don't know what to do to get a handle on it. . .

    anyone know of anything that can help?@?!>@
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    Have you talked to your dr. about xanax or other meds that you can take for the attacks? I used to have panic attacks too mama so i know how you feel!

    Also, if xanax is the only thing that is gonna get you through, find out what the half life is and you could always pump and dump. You have to take care of yourself too mama!
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    Those are so awful. I wish I knew something to suggest... I have found that I can now talk myself through them a little if I keep up a constant internal dialogue -- "This is a panic attack, that's all it is. Nothing is going to happen, I just have to wait it out, it will be over soon" etc, but that hasn't always worked, and of course it doesn't make it go away, just helps me hold myself together a bit until it passes.

    There are other types of fast-acting anti-anxiety meds besides Xanax used for panic attacks. My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about what all the options are (and I'd suggest a psychiatrist, who would be more knowledgeable about the available medications than a general practitioner, if you don't already have one).

    Once you have a list of the medication options, you could contact a local LLL Leader who could provide you with hard copies of the information on each from Medications and Mother's Milk (the definitive reference on medication and breastfeeding). You and your doctor could go over the information together to figure out which would be most compatible with breastfeeding given your baby's age.

    I hope you feel better and your attacks are few and far between. I wouldn't wish those on anybody!
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    I second talking to your doc. I have a history of anxiety too. Also, a couple of weeks ago I was very anxious and did some research online for meds safe while nursing. I came across a natural supplement called Panicyl. I don't know of anyone personally thats taken it. You could google it and get some info on it.

    I hope things balance out for you!!!
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    The one non-medication thing that helps me with panic attacks is to analyze each sensation and then explain it away. It goes something like this...
    "Okay, my hands/lips are tingling, that's because my hearts pumping It doesn't mean you're dying. Your hearts pumping b/c of adrenline. You're adrenaline's up b/c you're panicing. You're not dying. You're dis-oriented b/c you're panicing. Etc" Then I try to identify what's was causing the attack, allow myself a few minutes to think about the problem and it's solutions, but not enough time to start running in circles again. It really helps to allow myself time ot experience it and get it over with, rather than trying to ignore it.

    Good Luck
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    I'm taking Zoloft for PPD/anxiety/panic attacks.... it's prescribed for all of the above. It's not immediate, but give it a week or two in your system and it seems to help cut down on the panic attacks.

    Wish you well.

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