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    So I started back to work last night 10pm to 6 am. I forgot my pump, so did not pump that whole time. I pumped at 9 pm before work, and I pumped immediately after I got home at 6:11 am. My question is, if I were to continue not pumping at work, will it mess with my milk, or will I adjust with the extra pumpings during the day? Eventually my lo will sleep through the night, so this is basically the same thing, right?
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    How old is baby? A lot depends on baby's age, but yes, if your baby eats bm during the night and you don't pump, your supply will diminish for night feedings. It is difficult to pick up another pumping session during the day (to make up for the night feeding), especially if you're with baby and nursing all day. However, it can be done but if you can pump at work during the night, I would highly recommend it. It's not fun pumping an extra 1/2 ounce after each feeding to make up the ounces missed from the night feeding. HTH
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