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    I have been trying to breastfeed my baby since he was born. He is now 5 weeks old. My baby would suck on my breast 3 to 5 times, then fall as sleep no matter what I do to keep him awake. I've tried taking off all his clothes except diaper, I've tried tickling his feet, ear, cheek, chin.... you name it, I have done them all but all that does is for my baby to suck another 3 seconds then fall as sleep again. I ended up pumping my milk to feed him via a bottle. I just tried the SNS system (supplemental nursing system), however it took him 1 hour to suck out only 10 to 30 ml of milk!!!! What else can I do.? I really want to bf my baby.
    PS. I think the baby latches on ok. My milk supply is low even after being on Reglan, Fenugreek.

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    are you working with a lc or a lll leader?
    a leader could help beter than we can on-line.
    some babies just realy take a long time to eat. Are you giving any bottles?
    That can cause them to like the bottle beter than the breast.There are a few tricks to get the baby back to the breast.
    Some moms find that as the baby gets bigger they learn to nurse and it doesn't take quite as long for them to nurse.

    what are his wet diapars like? thats the way to tell if the baby is getting the milk he needs buy diapar count.

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