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Thread: day care/mothers day out

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    im considering putting my lo in a mdo program...just wondered how many of you find your los getting sick from being in daycare/mothers day outs? i know kids get sick no matter what,but being in daycares i hear its worse.. im such a germ freak.

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    You have to do what works best for you and your family. Kids are sick all the time and they're sick before they have symptoms. I've had lo in a home daycare for 1 1/2 months (before that I had a nanny). I haven't noticed any extra sicknesses. If someone's sick it's likely your baby will get sick too, it's just how it goes. DS was in home daycares & facilities for 8 years, he got sick but it didn't seem like he was sick all of the time. Good luck.
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    I haven't seen a significant difference with K. She's in preschool 2 half days a week and with our nanny all other times. They are always on the go so she's been exposed to other kids and germs. Nothing significant.

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    In my experience they get sick when they meet a new germ - on the bus- in day care - when mom brings it home - whenever. DS got his first cold when we were still home together on maternity leave. There are a concentration of germs (LOs are really just walking germbags ) in daycare but the issue is more when they get germs you aren't exposed to - because your BM gives them the ability to fight what your body has been exposed to.

    That being said, the front loading of infectious illness can protect your LO as they get older. There is mounting evidence that keeping your kid away from too many germs can leave them at much higher risk of serious illness down the road.
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