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Thread: SLOW wt gain

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    Hey ladies-My DS is about 15 wks and I weighed him on the scale and he only wts 12lbs 2oz!!! He was 10lbs 10 oz at 9wks. That is only 3.9oz a week.....I am concerned because I was battling thrush and once treatment began we started having issues. He had a few days of great days.....then his latch seemed off. He started to have alot of quick sucking, with little swallows and also alot of suction noises and clicks. I called a LLL leader and started to treat DS also for thrush in case it was painful for him........worked for a day than back to bad latch. My concern is that he isn't getting satisfied at breast. He doesn't come off on his own. He falls asleep, so I take him off and he screams so I put him back on.....This is lasting for over an hour.....He will also clamp down alittle so I switch breasts. He just doesn't seem content. His diaper output is on the low end of normal about 5 wet. He is sleeping 8 hours at night, but only naps at the breast. His best nursing session is in the morning. He will latch, have good rhythmic sucks and come off on his own content and happy after about 5 mins(this was his normal). I did have OALD but I think I don't anymore. Could that be the issue. He was used to it coming quick and short now he has to work harder for it.....Can I fix it. I was going to try pumping to get more into him but he WILL NOT TAKE A BOTTLE of anything!!! Plus, pumping is what starting the thrush problem to begin with....HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    I think he is also teething because there is alot of drool and hands in the mouth. teething tablets don't seem to help.
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    Well, they say 4-7 oz per week of weight gain is normal & 5-6 wet disposable diapers per 24 hrs is normal so your lo is on the low side of the normal range. When he's not nursing does he seem happy and healthy? Babies go through different phases of fussiness. I would just keep nursing and try to do some relaxation before you nurse to help with let down. It's ok to offer the breast more frequently as well to get your supply up & his weight gain up. When is your next ped appt?
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    Weight gain does slow after 3 months, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I'm dealing with a very similar issue with my 13 week old and also used to have OALD. My dd got really good at taking it all in so I'm not sure what the prob is. I'm seeing a LC tomorrow because I'm so concerned about her intake. I wish I could help-just wanted to let you know you aren't alone!

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