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Thread: Biting/refusing and pumping!

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    I have been reading LLL Forums for 21 weeks now - thanks for all the great advice! Here's my thing, i have been back to work for 6 weeks. I saw a quick drop off in my supply, but have managed. I use More Milk and MM tea. When i pump, I usually have at least 4 let-downs (I fell in love with the pump, and we are breast friends!) BUT, I usually only get 2 to 3 oz total (both breasts). I compensate with 4 pumpings a day to equal the needed 2 bottles. I have adjusted to this, so of course there is a new hurdle. My LO is now biting me. She has always preferred the left breast, but is now biting righty and i have to battle her to start sucking. Also, she will not stay on either breast past the first let-down. I get that she prefers the quick/instant flow of the bottle, but it is messing with my already struggling supply! I try to pump after these feedings, but that isn't always possible. Any suggestions? I have been a "one-day-at-a-time" breastfeeder (still waiting to fall in love with it!)... this is wearing me down.

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    So how old is your LO? 21 weeks?

    Is she teething?

    What other things does she do when she latches? Any sort of different behaviors?

    Have you seen these tips? Have you been able to see an LC or a LLL leader in person to observe the behavior?

    Good luck mama...we'll try and help you figure this one out!
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