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    Hi moms! I am new to the forum. I have a few questions. My son is now 1 month old and I have been exclusively BF since we left the hospital. He was a preemie and in order to leave the hospital, he had to maintain his weight so we ended up supplementing. Since coming home though, he hasn't had a bottle at all.
    In the time I've been home, I've been pumping after each feeding to store for returning back to work, and also incase my dr changes my BP meds to something not safe to bf on. With that said, in the beginning I was pumping almost 4 oz. combined sides after each feeding. I only was engorged for maybe a week total and not all together. Then he hit a growth spurt and I hope eating more, and I started pumping less. I would get about 2.5 oz. combined after each feeding.

    Then last week I had to go out of town to a wedding. I brought the pump, I just didn't use the pump due to time. I also didn't feed him every 2-3 hours as I had been at home since we were almost always in the public eye. Believe me; it's not discreet at all lol, that's why it's hard. Since he's so small (just now around 6 lbs) it's awkward to hold/feed, in public. Anyways, when I got home I immediately reached for the pump and expected at least the 2.5 oz I was getting just days before... NOPE!!!! NOW combined after each feeding, I am lucky if I get 1/2 and ounce =(.

    I've been drinking lots of fluids, eating oatmeal, and healthy other foods. He is feeding longer, but still I thought I would get something. Any way I can increase my pumping output on top of nursing all the time? I return to work in another month... I'd rather be engorged and over pumping but am no where close! =(


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    Wow, it sounds like you've done a fantastic job in a challenging situation!

    Your body may just have adjusted to the lower demand while you weren't pumping, but as you continue to pump after feeding it should come back up.

    But I'm bumping this up in the hope that other moms will have more suggestions.

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    First off congrats on BF your preemie! I know how hard it is to do, and is SO commendable!

    I agree that your body probably just adjusted to not feeding/pumping during that time. Do you pump after a feeding? That is what I did for a while to keep my supply up. Feed baby at the breast, and then when finished pump until you see no more drops coming out. Even if it is just a few drops or very little milk, you are telling your body to make more more more.

    Good luck mama! And
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