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Thread: Mysterious nipple pain?

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    Question Mysterious nipple pain?

    Haven't had any BFing complaints (other than his snacking) and haven't had any plugged ducts or anything painful in a while. So I thought all was going well until about 2 months ago. I started to get a sharp irritating sensation in the left nipple when baby would latch on. For days I just thought it was baby sucking REALLY hard cause that's pretty much what it felt like. I didn't think it was weird because there would be NO other pain whatsoever; not during nursing, not while I was pumping (which I've been doing for almost 3 weeks now), nothing. Now suddenly it hurts every time he sucks. It feels like a pulling sensation and it leaves my nipple sore and raw feeling.

    Is he "gumming" me while we nurse? He does pull his head back while pushing my breast forward a lot and it definitely hurts when he does that. I also got my first milk blister 4 nights ago which I popped with a sterile needle cause I wasn't thinking and it was 2am. My boob has been pretty sore since then and I've got milk backing up in there. LO gets out the big lump but it seems like the milk is coming out VERY slowly and it feels like he's sucking harder unless it's just the sore nipple being whimpy.

    Oh gosh ... I've got more problems than I thought.

    So first the unexplained nipple pain. Is it a latching problem at 5 months??

    Now the milk blister with milk still backing up and coming out VERY slowly.

    *sigh* sorry if I'm rambling but I just think whatever it is, it's in the right breast now cause I started to get a similar but MUCH more milder when he latched on last night.

    I don't see anything weird on my nipple and it's only mildly tender to the touch.

    Any suggestions?

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    Smile Re: Mysterious nipple pain?

    My daughter is 5 months old and I have experienced clogged ducts...many of them and mastitis. Several months ago I also had a very sore nipple. I discovered that one of my Montgomery glands had become infected. I called a lactation consultant for help. The infection did clear up within a week or so. It can be painful! I am not sure if that is helpful to you, but I hope you feel better soon!

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