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Thread: About Pumping Milk

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    I have several questions about pumping my breast milk.
    Is it safe to use my old breast pump from my previous child?
    When I pumped with my daughter my milk started to slow down and I had to take medication to try and help bring the milk back, but instead of helping it stopped my milk completely; when should I start pumping and what should I do if this happens again?
    Should I pump right after the baby eats or should I pump in between feedings?
    I have read so many books about pregnancy and breastfeeding, but I have not been able to get a straight answer about these questions. I greatly appreciate any advice I can get.

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    I'm not sure about reusing the pump. Maybe a LLL leader could help answer that question. I have an Ameda Purely Yours which is v. easy to sterilize, so I plan to reuse it for my second child. That is if I don't wear it out from the first (11 months of pumping already!).

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    When I pumped with my daughter my milk started to slow down and I had to take medication to try and help bring the milk backbut instead of helping it stopped my milk completelywhen should I start pumping and what should I do if this happens again
    That is terrible! What kind of med was it?

    Pumping shouldn't decrease your supply. If you do have supply issues, try drinking Mother's Milk (Traditional Medicinals) tea, 2-3 cups per day. It works wonders. It can be found in health food stores. Or just try to breast feed more frequently. More demand=more supply.

    Regarding when to pump, I'd say whenever it is convenient. I liked waking up at 5 am, before the baby, and pumping one breast. Then when dd woke up (7 am or so), I fed her off of the second breast. If she was still hungry, I'd give her the breast I pumped at 5 am. There was always enough milk.

    Some women nurse their baby off of one breast while simultaneously pumping the other. I could never swing that. First of all, I'm just not coordinated enough (LOL) and DD DID NOT like the pump. I had to become a stealth pumper. Whenever she saw/heard my pump, she would cry I guess she didn't like the competition!

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    I have been told to pump every 3 hours. However sometimes that is impossible. My supply has been great pumping every 3-4 hours. The tea is a great idea!

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    i don't see a problem with using the same breast pump for your second child. i'd just get new parts (e.g., breastshields, valves, tubing, etc).

    sorry to hear about the medication stopping your milk supply...that's awful!

    i started pumping when my dd was 3 weeks old because she wasn't gaining enough weight and our pediatrician recommended that i start pumping. i pumped once a day while i was on leave. now that i'm back to work, i pump 3 times a day at work and once at night before i head to bed. if you are going back to work, you definitely want to start pumping a week or two before going back just to get in the swing of things. on weekends, i also pump at night before i head to bed...and i also pump for any missed feedings during the weekend (e.g., feeding baby a bottle of EBM while we are out).

    If your baby only nurses on one side, you can pump the other side once you’re done nursing. You can also pump in-between feedings. This is helpful to maintain your supply and to get a stash of milk in your freezer going.

    I’m currently taking fenugreek to help with my milk supply…along with Mother’s Milk Tea. HTH!

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