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Thread: Need some hope that this will get better

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    I thought about the running causing plugged ducts and I realized I don't move my arms when I run now because I run with my son in his stroller. I couldn't give up the running anyway...it is the only thing making me happy and keeping me sane right now. Thanks for the thought though.

    Is sudafed safe to take while breast feeding? Should I take one before bed and see if it helps? How did you determine the dosage?

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    I worked with a lactation consultant who herself had experienced oversupply with each of her three kids--she helped me determine dosage. We were very cautious initially. I took two doses (one capsule every four hours twice) initially, and there was not much difference. So the next day I took a full day's dosage (four capsules I think), and we did it several days in a row before I noticed a real difference.
    It was difficult because I'm very sensitive to medication and the pseudoephedrine was making me very antsy.
    Basically, I called her every day and let her know what I was experiencing (not much difference for the first few days but then I started to notice that my OALD was much better, and the engorgement MUCH MUCH better) and how my son was reacting (he was miserably unhappy the first three months of his life because of oversupply and reflux), and we'd decide if I should continue one more day or not--just to give my body the message.
    The only precaution with Sudafed is that it dehydrates you (which is what helps the oversupply) so it's contraindicated for breastfeeding because most moms don't have insane oversupply where a little dehydration helps!

    IF you're really worried, I would talk to an LC (I know it helped alleviate my anxiety), or you could try drinking 2-3 cups of sage tea for a few days and putting a ml or so of sage tincture in each cup to see if that helps. It seemed to help me a little where peppermint tea didn't.

    Good luck and it does get better. I almost quit bfeeding a million times because of this but I'm glad I've toughed it out.

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    Just a thought about running... You'd want to make sure you've got a very well-fitting, comfortable bra for that. A too-tight sports bra could contribute to plugged ducts.

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    You've probably already thought about this, but do you think good nutrition and water could help your plugged ducts? I've heard that fatty foods can contribute to them - and that drinking TONS of water helps keep your body cleaned out...????

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