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Thread: Biting at breast

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    Unhappy Biting at breast

    My 7 month old son has just recently begun biting my nipple during a feed. He has done it about 5 times, each time I have taken him off and said "ouch", but yesterday, he drew blood! When i first started breastfeeding, I suffered badly with Mastitis, (as I did with my daughter too)heavily cracked and bleeding nipples and thrush in each breast. I persevered through all that, so will not give up without a fight!! Any advice or tips, gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Biting at breast

    First please remember a biting baby is not an eating baby. When your biting you CANT be nursing...

    Second, what I did when this happend:
    1) Removed the nipple from Zachary's mouth, asap.
    2) Told him "gently" no biting mommy.
    3) Laid or put him on the floor.
    4) Got up (course he wanted to go back ASAP to nursing)
    5) Walked away (but not far, only into the other room where he could still seem me.
    6) Waited only 1-2 minutes then returned, and nursed again

    After a couple times, he stoped, the reason I think he was doing it was for reactions, once he relized it would get him a bad reaction something he did not want, it quit!

    Now we do the same with pinching, and all I have to say is, "are you ready to stop eating?" and he quits if hes really not ready!

    GOOD LUCK! and BTW ouch in our house is funny, (not sure why) so if I say that, he giggles and wants to do it again!

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    Smile Re: Biting at breast

    Thanks for that. I will give that a go. Like I say, not ready to give in!!

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