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Thread: Vitamin D Deficiency?

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    well, we live in hawaii, and our ped still put our lo on a daily vitamin D supplement.. due to the new information that recently came out (link was posted in here already)...

    i hate giving it to her because she doesn't seem to like it, and she already has to get a dropper of nasty zantac stuck in her mouth 2x's a day b/c of reflux.. i'm wondering if she even needs this now, b/c she gets frequent sunlight..i read that vitamin D deficiency is more common in darker-pigmented folks, so maybe her being half black has something to do with it... *shrug*

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    I can't recommend the Baby D Drops highly enough. It's only vitamin D suspended/mixed in a light oil base. One drop on your nipple, you nurse lo, they've gotten their vitamin D. It doesn't taste like anything either.

    Also good to know that current vitamin D recommendations for preg/nursing women is 2000iu per day.

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    I asked my pedi about this at my daughter's 12 month check up as he had never mentioned me giving her any kind of supplements. Because we live in sunny AZ, he said that he doesn't worry about it. I think if you did live in a cold, cloudy climate it could be an issue.

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