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Thread: Does my 2 month old need vitamins?

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    Default Re: Does my 2 month old need vitamins?

    I'm in Ontario - the sun doesn't come up until 7:30am and it's dark by 5pm right now. Plus it's cold and snowy now so we don't spend much time outside. That's probably why it's a standard to recommend Vitamin D around here.
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    Default Re: Does my 2 month old need vitamins?

    My lo never took any vits - I think my dr was happy with the prenatal vitamins and my diet to transfer through my BM to be enough for my daughter!

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    Humanity survived for hundreds of thousands of years without vitamin supplements. If you have a healthy diet, I can't imagine why a child would need artificial nutrition.

    Cave woman didn't drive her SUV to the local CVS to pick up synthetic vitamins (but I bet if she did she'd stop at Cinnabon on the way home...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolies.mama View Post
    OT, where do you live mama? There are a few of us in So Cal that get together from time to time...you should meet us for our next one!
    Hi there! I am in Los Angeles, specifically the Silver Lake area. This is my first baby, and I'd love to get together with some other mothers... I'll look into the meeting times.

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