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Thread: Need help with my 7 month old

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    Default Need help with my 7 month old

    Hi all!

    It seems that my baby is about to cut her first tooth and does not seem interested in nursing. I am wondering what to do about this? I have a three year old as well if that makes any difference.

    Also, how many times on average per day should she be nursing?


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    Default Re: Need help with my 7 month old

    Are you home with her f/t? Do you nurse on demand? If you nurse on demand and her wet/dirty diapers are on track I wouldn't worry too much about how many times she nurses. She may get what she needs from fewer sessions than another baby.

    I know teething has always thrown a wrench in our plans. Are you using anything for the discomfort? Hyland's teething tablets are homeopathic an have worked well for us. Maybe make her calm enough to want to nurse?

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Need help with my 7 month old

    with pp about the homeopathics. We keep the teething tabs on hand as well as Camilia (a Canadian product that should be available at WF). They work pretty well. If you think that it's sore gums, you may want to offer her a cold wet washcloth to chew before nursing, or even a frozen one. Or an ice cube or frozen BM in a mesh feeder.


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    Well, we gave her a bottle of EBM and she sucked down the entire 7 ounces I do not have enough of a freezer supply to give her a bottle a day but I might just start pumping again after the holidays.

    She nursed well after her dinner and pooped but that just makes me feel even worse b/c it was after the bottle of EBM.

    Tomorrow we are home for the day so I am just going to nurse and nurse and nurse. I will have some oatmeal, drink a lot of water and just try to keep it going.

    Thanks girls.

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    Default Re: Need help with my 7 month old

    My 7 mo just popped his first and now won't eat - but he is sick . What I have done at other times when he wasn't much interested in nursing is pump every time he refused to nurse - helps to keep sipply up and also you have something to feed them.
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