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Thread: Allegra-D and Norethindrone, can they affect milk supply?

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    Default Allegra-D and Norethindrone, can they affect milk supply?

    I've been bf my 3 mo son, and have been supplementing 3x/day at dr's orders due to his slow weight gain. I seem to have a low milk supply, athough I am pumping after feedings and taking fenugreek. From what I have read, progestin only pills shouldn't affect milk supply, is that correct? I am also taking prescription allergy meds, Allegra-D, which have antihistimine in them. Could discontinuing the Allegra-D increase the milk supply? I am also taking Flonaise, which is a nasal spray for the nasal allergies but I don't think it is an antihistimine, so I may be able to get by with only using it. Thanks for any input!


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    Default Re: Allegra-D and Norethindrone, can they affect milk supply?

    Hi JYM ~ I apologize for the delay in a response to you. But to answer your question, Allegra-D contains pseudoephedrine (along with fexofenadine) which Dr. Hale says is "probably safe but may suppress milk supply". He also says "Preliminary studies from our laboratories suggest that in some mothers, a significant reduction in milk volume and prolactin levels may result following exposure to pseudoephedrine. While the amount of pseudoephedrine in milk is not clinically relevant, the reduction in milk supply is concerning." (Medications' and Mothers' Milk by Thomas Hale, PhD, 2002 edition, p. 605.)

    The good news is that yes, simply discontinuing the use of pseudoephedrine should allow your milk supply to recover.

    The progestin-only birth control pill doesn't usually affect a nursing mom's supply but there have been cases where it has. This isn't an approved LLL source but she's got some good info regarding birth control and breastfeeding: http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/birthcontrol.html

    HTH! and Good luck!

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