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Thread: Nursing strike - has anyone ever recovered?

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    Default Nursing strike - has anyone ever recovered?

    I saw it coming for nearly 2 months. Between my very unreliable letdown (and stressing about it) and my son's apparent fondness for cereal (knock on wood) I guess it was bound to happen. Last night I my letdown took extra long and by the time it came he refused to nurse, so I had to give him a bottle. While he did nurse at night - twice - come morning he nursed very little and refused. Then he had his cereal. In the afternoon, he would cry every time I'd try to get his face anywhere near the nipple. He is only 6.5 months old.

    So, is that it? Is there anything I can do? Skin to skin doesn't work right now because it is way too cold for it. (Our heater is really loud, so we set it low so it's not on all the time.) Besides, I've tried it before and it didn't really work. Nursing lying down also doesn't really work and it is very uncomfortable for me - I think my boobs are too small for it.

    What can I do? Has anyone ever recovered from this?



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    my LO has had 2 since she was born. The first one was only for about 3 days, but the second lasted about a week or so. It is possible to overcome. The first time was after I introduced a bottle for supplementing since she only gained 2oz between 2 weeks and 6 weeks of age. To get her to want my nipple, I bought a nipple shield to "Trick" her into thinking it was her bottle. I tried skin to skin etc, but that was what worked...and a lot of patience! The second time she couldn't be fooled. That one I just pumped constantly and offered my breast everytime I fed her. Eventually she came around on her own. Though I still have to use a bottle to take the edge off her hunger before she will take the breast. That might be one way to get your LO back to nursing. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Nursing strike - has anyone ever recovered?

    Here is some info that might be helpful.

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