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Thread: Formula again!!!!

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    Angry Formula again!!!!

    I need as many links and articles you guys can possibly spare. I asked DH to put DS down to sleep last night because I was exhausted. I had just fed him. He just needed to be rocked/held whatever. I go to the kitchen this morning and what do I find? A bottle of half drank formula!!!!!!!!! I'm so livid right now I just don't know what to do. The other part, there's BM in the fridge!!!!!!!!!!!! I want as many articles as I can possibly print out that points out why giving formula to a BF infant is bad. He'll either read them tonight or I will follow him around the house reading them to him. He says he's supportive but when he can't get the baby to stop crying that's the first thing he does, stuff a bottle in his mouth. It royally tee's me off. I just can't understand why he can't understand how important this is. I was a FF baby and had colic, multiple multiple earaches, to the point in which I'm half deaf in one ear, and constipation that I struggle with to this day. My husband was a FF baby and until he decided to go on a diet in highschool so the army would take him, he was a heffer!!! I do not want this for my son, why is that so friggin hard to understand?!?!?! You should see how he's beefing up, I was proud to think that it was all my doing. Now, how do I know it's not the added formula that is helping him gain weight, and if it is, I'll never hear the end of it. I'm so close to throwing out every bit of formula we have in the house. Matter of fact. I'm going to do that right now. If we don't have it, we don't have it right? ARGGGGG sorry, just needed someone to talk to. He's only had approx 3-4 bottles the past couple of weeks but I'd just assume he'd have 0!

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