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Thread: Frozen milk or refrigerated milk first?

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    Question Frozen milk or refrigerated milk first?

    Hello again,
    I read about this somewhere but can't remember the answer. I'm pumping at work for LO but also have a small freezer worth of milk. Should I just give LO the refrigerated stuff I pumped today to drink tomorrow? Or use the frozen stuff first? I went back to work on 12/1 and have been freezing the milk when I get home and then defrosting milk for him for the next day. Am I doing this wrong???

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    Use the oldest first if you have a freezer stash, then you will be continually rotating and won't have to toss old milk.
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    I always did fresh milk from the previous day, extra was frozen or if I needed more I supplemented with frozen.
    Then on Friday I froze that milk and used the oldest from the frozen stash on Monday. That way it all gets rotated out. Fresh is better than frozen if you can do that.

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