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Thread: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

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    Default Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

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    Default Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    according to our pediatrician, babies cant even digest cereal until AT LEAST 4 months. i only give my son cereal for his reflux so it stays down better....

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    Default Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    Hi there!
    You've gotten some excellent ideas and responses from the previous posters. I strongly suggest you read the links that paint-the-moon sent you--those will answer most or all of your questions about when, why, and how to start solids!

    But is 15lbs for a 2.5 months old started at 7.7lbs ok??
    More than okay! It's EXCELLENT weight gain. The general rule is that babies should double their birthweight by 6 months. Your baby has already doubled hers at 2.5 months.

    Are the charts that paediatricians hand you really based on FF babies???or is it just an average??? My BG is in her 50th percentile weight wise and 75th percentile height wise.This was by her 8th week. I have an appointment 2morrow with our ped. Will kow the latest stats then. But is all these charts worth following and what does it all mean??
    First off, yes, the charts are usually based on formula-fed infants, who tend to follow a different weight gain pattern. The charts are useful as a general guide, but they should not be the final or only word on whether your baby is getting enough to eat. Look at the baby, not just the charts. Is she healthy? Gaining weight (and no, she doesn't have to have double chins and roly-poly thighs!)? Active? Alert? Meeting milestones on time? Happy? Thriving?

    Here's what the percentiles mean: If your baby is in the 50th weight percentile, that means she weighs more than half of her peers, and half weigh more than her. She's middle of the road. Similarly, if she's 75th in height, it means she's taller than 75% of her peers and shorter than 25% of them. Really, at this age, the important thing is that she's on the chart and she's not underweight or under-stature. And don't be worried if she stays at the 75th percentile for height for a time while her weight increases or vice versa.

    Really, it sounds like she's doing extremely well for her age! She's thriving on your breastmilk and doesn't need anything else at this point. Solids can be started sometime around the middle of the first year, usually 6 months for most babies, though some show signs of readiness before that.

    LLL says the mother should be recognized as the expert on her own baby. YOU are the mommy! YOU decide when, how and what to feed baby. Family members may try to be helpful and offer suggestions, but follow your own mommy instincts.

    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
    --Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq., So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Default Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    Quote Originally Posted by mom2sarvagnya
    And i know for sure that she gets to lick on the taste of other foods given to her by my granny when iam not around She means well. Doesnt want the LO to go half full....But i think she need not be overfed....
    This would really concern me--babies can develop serious allergies when foods are given to them too soon. Seriously, your baby could have a bad allergic reaction to even a little taste of something this early. Please ask your Grandmother to stop this. It may be hard, but your baby's health could be at risk.

    When you do start solids, rice cereal isn't a good choice--whole foods like mashed ripe banana or avocado are much better. Rice cereal is highly processed--it's just starch with added synthetic iron added. Babies who are breastfed have never had starch before--why make their first food so high in starch? Avocado is high in healthy oils and has a mix of carbohydrates--much easier on baby's tummy. Plus, it gives them a taste for healthy fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods.

    Also, pooping every few days is VERY normal. My daughter pooped several times a day until she was over a year old. My son began pooping every other day early on--before he was two months old. They're both very healthy.

    hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    Hi, my dd was born 7.3 and is only approaching 14lbs at 6 months and she is considered within range. I think the general (and these are general since every baby is different) guide is double weight by 6 months triple birth weight by a year. So your doing great, especially since you have a bf baby and it is very hard for bf babies to get overweight (formula presents other issues).

    I was wondering if your grandmother grew up in another country/culture. In many cultures an effort was made to fatten up babies. Usually this was in places where fattening was difficult, where mom's and baby's nutrition was harder to guarantee. "Fatting" was a way of trying to achieve health for baby and mom. Studies of immigrant communities in the US are showing that fattening efforts in some communities are continuing in the US context, even as babies and their mom's have the ample (note ample does not necessarily = good) nutrition of the US diet. What they are finding is a trend of overweight babies and children in some communities where fat = health. I am NOT suggesting your child is overweight, your lo sounds great! I just want to suggest that if you are facing a cultural issue with your grandmother, you might want to talk to her about some of the differences your current context presents from her own, if there is someone from her generation who supports you, having them in on the conversation might also help.

    Also, could you take her to your apt. with your pediatrician so she can be reassured by him/her that your lo is on target and perhaps hear from him/her that delaying solids is a good idea?

    Not sure this will help, but it was a thought. Leela's Mom

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