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Thread: Help- Baby won't take bottle from nanny

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    Default Help- Baby won't take bottle from nanny

    I am going back to work in a few days and hired a wonderful nanny (no infant daycare options where we live) Our doctor had us train the baby by giving him a bottle
    about once a day since he was 3 weeks old. He is now 4 months, so we
    were pretty confident that would not be an issue. We use medela
    bottles and nipples, and never an issue.

    But since our nanny started a few days back, this became a huge
    problem. He is crying, and will not take it- not from me (as he used
    to) not from my husband or the nanny. I am resisting breastfeeding
    because in a few days it won't be an option at all for him, and I
    wanted him to transition with the nanny.

    Today all day he had 2 oz of milk! He is supposed to eat 4-5 oz every
    3 hours. Part of me thinks he just needs to get used to it, and he
    will be fine, worst case he will catch up with breastfeeding in the
    evenings, he will not starve. But I am still worried. Our nanny is a
    wonderful, patient, experienced person- what can we do to get him to
    take the bottle again? I even considered taking them to work with me,
    but that really can't work. So frustrated and scared to return to work.

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    Default Re: Help- Baby won't take bottle from nanny

    Are your around at all when the nanny is offering the bottle? If he knows you are around, he will surely want it from you instead.

    Maybe if she tries holding him in a different position while feeding him, rather than in the cradle hold? Maybe if she faces the baby toward her (with her knees up), so it is completely different from nursing.

    Also, have her try offering it when he isn't too hungry, or overtired...

    I hope it works out for you. That has to be frustrating.

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