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Thread: avoiding weaning

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Jenna562 View Post
    yes I nurse him to "sleepy" not asleep.
    Wish I could do that at our house... I still nurse/rock her to sleep. She has to be in a full sleep, limbs limp and everything before I can lay her down. Otherwise she sits up and starts screaming bloody murder if I lay her down sleepy.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Jenna562 View Post
    But he falls asleep at daycare just fine so my mom had no problem.
    My DD puts herself to sleep at daycare for naps too... that would *never* fly at home where mama can rock her. I guess she really knows how to work the system!!
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    Default Re: avoiding weaning

    Buff, Silas is exactly the same, I mean he has to be out cold on the boppy for a good 5-10 min floppy before i can transition to the crib.....

    BUT last night he was huggy on DH when i came in to nurse him and he didn't climb down and come over to nurse like usual, just sat there, passed out on him, and STTN fine..... I was kinda sad about it to tell the truth
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