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Thread: I'm so tired of being worried all the time:-(

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of being worried all the time:-(

    It's really important to learn a technique that works well for you to let down well at the pump. For me, it was not watching it and being distracted by something else. For some poeple, it's looking at a picture of the baby or something. I used to play tetrus on my phone to distract me. Think "a watched pot never boils".
    Additionally, make sure you are pumping long enough. If after 10 minutes, nothing more is coming out, keep going for an additional 2 minutes to tell your body "hey, that's not enough, make more next time". If you have a pump with variable speed and strength, try increasing each just a little bit to see if that helps you to get more.

    Also, be confident in your baby's cues. If baby is happy and active, then she's probably just fine. It's a mom thing to worry, and it might not ever go completely away, but be confident in your ability to provide for your baby. Sometimes just changing to a "can do" attitude can make all the difference, and confidence could just be the special ingredient for you and your pump!
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    Default Re: I'm so tired of being worried all the time:-(

    Thank you ladies for your support and advises!
    I had to pump 5 times at work yesterday instead of my regular 3 (that's only because everyone is in the holiday/company takeover mood, people are literally histerical so nobody noticed my absence), I did better, as with each session I only had like 1-2oz, but total is more then other days, but i can't continue doing this at work. I'm really looking forward to that 2.5 weeks holiday vacation I will be on as of tomorrow, I'll rest more, sleep more, BF more.
    As for the letdown... Yeah......Have to admit that most of the times I'm "watching it". And when nothing is coming it drives me crazy, I get upset and kind of discouraged...Then I have to calm myself down and try to relax... So I know I'm not helping...That's for that "never boiling pot", seems like its true...
    Thank you again ladies, I wouldn't be able to do it wothout you...
    I posted first when my LO was few weeks old, I was already frustrated with BFing... Thanks to you and LLLI we're still exclusively BFing
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