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Thread: Pumping for vacation and when should I pump?

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    Default Pumping for vacation and when should I pump?

    I need to pump for our vacation but don't know when to. I have never had an overabundant supply so I worry that it will just turn into a slippery slop and I will have to suppliment. Will I have to suppliment the first day or two? Pumping in the middle of the night is last choice so how/when do I pump during the day and still b/f -so that baby will still have enough?

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    Default Re: Pumping for vacation and when should I pump?

    If you have some time before you go away, you shouldn't have to supplement..start to stock up ASAP....when I wanted to stock, I would feed first thing in the morning with one breast and pump the other, bec this is when I was at my fullest, I would often get a full bottle's worth right there..I would also pump right before I went to bed (usually 2-3 hrs after my last feed for my dd) This was usually approx a full bottles worth too. I wouldn't worry about over supply, bec when you are away you prob wont do as much, so your supply will even back out!


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    Default Re: Pumping for vacation and when should I pump?

    Why do you need to pump? Long car journey? Dislike of nursing in front of people?

    Slings and wraps can help more "modest" mom's NIP - no one can see what you are doing then.

    Supply is usually highest in the morning so a full session then would help. You may also want to try 10 mins after each session - you might not get much then but it will boost supply in general. Eat your oatmeal and drink lots pf water and you should be able to avoid supplementing.
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    Default Re: Pumping for vacation and when should I pump?

    I assume you will be on vacation away from LO? Anyway start right now and either pump while nursing (nurse one side, pump one side), pump after LO is in bed, or build up the stash little by little, by pumping after each feeding for about 10-15 minutes. It's a pain in the but, but it's the way I built up my stash before returning to work. Freeze in incriments of 4-6 oz
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